Posted Jun 18, 2024

What is the difference between a laser cutting and a die cutting?


Many industries need to rely on precision cutting technology to ensure the smooth production process. Die cutting and laser cutting are the two most common cutting methods. Die-cutting uses a steel ruler and a press with extremely high sharpness to accurately cut the material into a preset shape; On the contrary, the laser cutting machine accurately draws various figures according to the set trajectory through the laser controlled by the computer program.

Die cutting and laser cutting

When choosing die cutting and laser cutting, you need to consider their own characteristics and whether they meet your needs, including:

1.Cost and efficiency.

Die cutting requires the installation of corresponding molds for different types of cutting. In contrast, laser cutting can be achieved through program control and is suitable for small-scale production runs and prototype production. It has more advantages due to its fast cutting speed and lower cost.

2.Material compatibility.

Although laser cutting is compatible with a wider range of materials, die cutting is often more suitable for materials that are difficult to cut. In general, the laser cutting ability is more powerful and compatible with more new materials; Die-cutting technology is better at dealing with difficult problems in specific materials.

3.Design complexity.

Die-cutting is suitable for making exquisite designs; And laser cutting can be competent for more complex and fine design.

4. Scope of application:
Laser cutting machine: suitable for different fields such as metal processing, handicraft manufacturing and mold technology, especially for enterprises pursuing refinement and high efficiency.
Die-cutting machine: it mainly serves the printing and packaging industry, clothing and footwear manufacturing industry and other markets that need large-scale die-cutting processing.

5. Working principle
Laser cutting machine: The laser beam is used to heat the workpiece to melt or evaporate it to achieve accurate cutting effect, and the laser beam is evenly covered on the surface of the workpiece during the process.
Die-cutting machine: use the die to press the required shape, just like stamping technology, and achieve the purpose of shaping and cutting through pressure and die structure.

In summary, Laser cutting machine is suitable for precise cutting of various materials, while die cutting machine is more suitable for mass production of flexible materials. No matter which cutting method is chosen, appropriate standards should be set according to actual needs, and comprehensive decisions should be made based on material characteristics and uses.

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