Posted Jun 18, 2024

What is label die cutting machine

What is label die cutting machine

A label die cutting machine is a piece of equipment used in the printing and packaging industry to cut labels into specific shapes and sizes. It is an essential tool for creating custom-shaped labels, stickers, and other adhesive-backed products.

The die cutting process involves using a specialized cutting die, which is a sharp-edged tool made of metal, to cut through the label material. The label material is typically fed through the machine, and the die exerts pressure to cut through the material, creating the desired shape. Some die cutting machines also have the capability to emboss or add other finishing touches to the labels.

Label die cutting machines come in various sizes and configurations, ranging from manual, hand-operated models to fully automated, high-speed machines. They are used in label manufacturing facilities, printing companies, and other businesses that produce custom labels and stickers.

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The knife adjustment method of the label die-cutting machine is as follows

Preparation: Make sure the die cutting machine is turned off and the cutter is securely locked. Clean the surface of the die cutting machine to make adjustments easier.

Unlock the tool: Locate the tool locking device and unlock it to facilitate tool adjustment.

Adjust the position of the tool: Use the adjustment screw or handle as needed to gradually adjust the position of the tool to ensure that the contact between the tool and the die-cutting plate is even, and also ensure that the tool is vertical.

Carry out a test: After completing the tool adjustment, conduct a test to see whether the cutting effect meets the requirements. If fine-tuning is needed, it can be adjusted and tested repeatedly until satisfactory results are achieved.

Lock the cutter: When the cutter is adjusted into place, make sure the cutter is securely in place and lock the cutter locking device to prevent movement during operation.

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Always use caution when making any tool adjustments to avoid injury. If you are not sure how to make adjustments, it is recommended to refer to the equipment's operating manual or seek professional help.

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